“Our services start with the material receiving and continue until the drug administration to the patient.”


  • Receiving: Checkout of the materials and the drugs against their respective purchase orders. Verification of the physical integrity of the packaging, batch and validity and counting of the received material.
  • Addressing: Automatic allocation of the products in the storage areas and satellite storehouses, separated per batch and validity, with full control on maximum and minimum inventory per product.
  • System for dispensing per single or individualized dose: Fractioning and distribution of the right drugs to the right patients, at the determined time, dosage and period.
  • Group dispensing system: Replacement according to the demand, following the standardized catalogues for each requesting sector after consumption.
  • System for distribution of Nursing and Surgical Procedure Kits: Elaboration of personalized kits according to the sector´s or the physician´s need.
  • Traceability: Traceability of the products per batch and validity from their entrance until their consumption by the patient, assuring the process quality and safety.
  • Stock Management with ABC/XYZ Curve: Management from the economic point of view and the importance of the use of consumables, forecast of season effects and the profile of the product transactions for the purchase planning.
  • Consigned Material Management: Management of the consigned material inventory with traceability to the patient.
  • Drug Administration Control: Crossing of the patient´s data with the medical prescription by reading a barcode before the drug is administered.
  • Reverse Logistics: Physical, accounting and financial reversal of the product not consumed by the patient.
  • Purchase support: Automatic generation of purchase request according to the customized purchase order point.

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UniHealth is a company of hospital logistics and management of supplies and medicines. With 30 years of experience in hospital logistics, UniHealth wants to improve the management of supplies in health institutions.

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